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Virtually Perfect

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Remember how, in the mid-2000s, “virtual” trade shows took the place of live ones? Neither do I. Back when it was a new idea to push everything online, several companies offered the promise of fully-virtualized trade shows (virtually perfect) that could take the place of live events; brands would purchase virtual “booths,” attendees would purchase virtual “passes,” and no one would ever have to leave the confines of their office cubical to encounter the latest [...]

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Take me I am FREE -Trade Show Giveaways

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Welcome back. This blog "Take me I am FREE -Trade Show Giveaways", continues my discussion about promotional items and their role in your trade show & event marketing strategy. I promised to discuss effective ways to use them more strategically, especially those armed with NFC technology.  So let’s jump right in. Here are a few general tactics to keep in mind: Make them work for it: Attendees should never receive something for nothing.  They should [...]

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Take me I am FREE

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Recently, I read a blog on entitled “25 insane (but true) facts about promotional products.” Click here to read it for yourself. The blog contains some useful information, but it’s general in nature, so I thought I might share some of my specific experience with them in the trade show environment. When it comes to promotional items, my clients are generally concerned with three things: 1) It has to be useful; 2) It has [...]

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The Last Mile

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The term “commodity” has evolved to refer to any item or service that is generally available, and is purchased primarily on the basis of cost. A whole family of trade show display products is now viewed as a commodity. Companies search the web, find the exhibitory item they’re looking for, compare prices, and make the final decision. This isn't necessarily a bad purchasing model. But … and you knew there was a “but” coming, didn't you … [...]

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Majoring in Traffic

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Major cities and major trade shows have something major in common.  What, you ask? Traffic management.  Think about it: in major cities, there are large roads that move huge amounts of traffic quickly and efficiently to specific areas of town, and from there, the roads get smaller and more truncated to feed shrinking amounts of traffic into the neighborhoods. Just substitute the word “aisles” for “roads” and you’ve described the traffic flow of shows like [...]

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7 Tips for Better Trade Show Planning

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The Situation: You find yourself in charge of your company’s trade show planning, and you’re being asked to submit a new budget, or evaluate an old one. What now? Here are a few tips to help guide you through the planning process. Tip #1- Tradeshow Program Costs A trade show budget will generally equal around 3X the cost of your space. This changes depending on the size of the exhibit, but what doesn't change is [...]

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Exhibiting at the McCormick Place Chicago

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McCormick Place in Chicago is one of the best convention centers in the United States and its facilities can hold multiple conventions simultaneously. This facility is one of the best maintained convention centers also. It has a very clean feeling from the entry lobbies to the trade show floor. The black ceilings in the convention centers really make it great for hanging signs and give a nice ambiance to each trade show, thus adding to [...]

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