The Hidden Cost of DYI Installation and Dismantling

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If you’re planning to forego the professional installation of your trade show booth to save costs, here are five observations and strategic spending tips on the real costs involved in a Do It Yourself versus professional installation. Professional Installation ensures optimal functionality of your booth. Depending on your industry and how often you exhibit at trade shows, building a booth and staffing it can account for up to 40% of your marketing. As you can [...]

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How Trade Shows Can Help You Build a Stronger Culture

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Building a profitable business involves more than just increasing your bottom line. Your success also depends on saving money and getting the most value out of what you spend. When you consider that, depending on the industry, 15 to 50 percent of a company’s expenses are spent on staff salaries, hiring and retaining the right people is obviously an important priority. According to the experts at Robert Half Management Resources, “every small business, even those [...]

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Five Big Business Benefits of Trade Shows

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There’s no doubt about it – exhibiting at a trade show is a serious investment.  Whether you elect to go with a plain 10 X 10 space furnished with a simple table and chairs or have a 20 X 20 booth custom-made for traveling from show to show, the cost can account for a significant portion of your marketing expenses. Yet trade shows provide unique opportunities to build your business that are simply not available [...]

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How to Calculate the True Value of a Trade Show

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How to Calculate the True Value of a Trade Show --- A trade show, like every other part of your marketing plan, should produce measurable ROI. After all, the whole point of marketing is to increase profitability. As legendary retailer, John Wanamaker once said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.” Well, we hope this blog will help you find out just which trade shows [...]

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Turn Your Trade Show Leads into Revenue

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8 Tips on How to Turn Trade Show Leads into Revenue. We’ve put together blogs full of suggestions on how you can make every show more productive for your business and turn your trade show leads into revenue.

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Virtually Perfect

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Remember how, in the mid-2000s, “virtual” trade shows took the place of live ones? Neither do I. Back when it was a new idea to push everything online, several companies offered the promise of fully-virtualized trade shows (virtually perfect) that could take the place of live events; brands would purchase virtual “booths,” attendees would purchase virtual “passes,” and no one would ever have to leave the confines of their office cubical to encounter the latest [...]

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Take me I am FREE -Trade Show Giveaways

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Welcome back. This blog "Take me I am FREE -Trade Show Giveaways", continues my discussion about promotional items and their role in your trade show & event marketing strategy. I promised to discuss effective ways to use them more strategically, especially those armed with NFC technology.  So let’s jump right in. Here are a few general tactics to keep in mind: Make them work for it: Attendees should never receive something for nothing.  They should [...]

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Take me I am FREE

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Recently, I read a blog on entitled “25 insane (but true) facts about promotional products.” Click here to read it for yourself. The blog contains some useful information, but it’s general in nature, so I thought I might share some of my specific experience with them in the trade show environment. When it comes to promotional items, my clients are generally concerned with three things: 1) It has to be useful; 2) It has [...]

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The Last Mile

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The term “commodity” has evolved to refer to any item or service that is generally available, and is purchased primarily on the basis of cost. A whole family of trade show display products is now viewed as a commodity. Companies search the web, find the exhibitory item they’re looking for, compare prices, and make the final decision. This isn't necessarily a bad purchasing model. But … and you knew there was a “but” coming, didn't you … [...]

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Majoring in Traffic

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Major cities and major trade shows have something major in common.  What, you ask? Traffic management.  Think about it: in major cities, there are large roads that move huge amounts of traffic quickly and efficiently to specific areas of town, and from there, the roads get smaller and more truncated to feed shrinking amounts of traffic into the neighborhoods. Just substitute the word “aisles” for “roads” and you’ve described the traffic flow of shows like [...]

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5 Reasons to Consult an Exhibit Design House

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Overkill: (ōvər-kil) An excess of something beyond what is required or suitable for a particular purpose. When you look up “overkill” in the dictionary, you just may find a picture of a conventional exhibit production house. Why? Because conventional exhibit production houses are specialists in project overkill, and do not fit the current “lean and mean” trade show process model. Exhibit design houses, on the other hand, have evolved especially to meet today’s streamlined exhibitor [...]

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A Whole New Look

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That special time of year is fast approaching, and it’s never too early to start sprucing up the place with a whole new look. No, I’m not talking about decorating your house for the Holidays … I’m talking about freshening up your exhibit for your next trade show! When your target audience approaches your exhibit, the look and feel of your booth is often their first impression of your company and brand; and as we [...]

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7 Tips for Better Trade Show Planning

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The Situation: You find yourself in charge of your company’s trade show planning, and you’re being asked to submit a new budget, or evaluate an old one. What now? Here are a few tips to help guide you through the planning process. Tip #1- Tradeshow Program Costs A trade show budget will generally equal around 3X the cost of your space. This changes depending on the size of the exhibit, but what doesn't change is [...]

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Exhibiting at the McCormick Place Chicago

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McCormick Place in Chicago is one of the best convention centers in the United States and its facilities can hold multiple conventions simultaneously. This facility is one of the best maintained convention centers also. It has a very clean feeling from the entry lobbies to the trade show floor. The black ceilings in the convention centers really make it great for hanging signs and give a nice ambiance to each trade show, thus adding to [...]

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Exhibiting at the Las Vegas Convention Center

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We continue our blogs about US Convention Centers this week with one of the largest, the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). Located just off the Las Vegas Strip, the Las Vegas Convention Center is easily accessible by car, taxi or monorail.  There are (3) Main Exhibition halls: North, Central and South Hall as well as a myriad of meeting rooms of various sizes. Some of the largest conventions in the US are held at the [...]

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Exhibiting at the Orange County Convention Center

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Veni, Vidi, Vici We would like to share some tips about the US convention centers. If you have not exhibited at a specific hall, it is hard to plan every detail by looking at a basic floor plan. The MYDISPLAYSOURCE team has worked in every major exhibition hall in the United States, Canada and Mexico. We know the intricacies of each venue, that will help you save cost and installation time. The Orange County Convention Center in [...]

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Hanging Signs are Key to Your Exhibit

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Hanging Signs or Hanging Banners... Hanging signs are important display structures to give your prospect, client and competition a message that you are at the trade show to do business and an important player in your respective industry. High identification gives you the means of standing out in a crowd with a greater presence. In addition, many hanging structures can free up valuable booth space. Some of the best exhibits concentrate on what is going [...]

Taking the Shock Out of the Trade Show Electrical Services

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Electrical services are a must for all trade show exhibits, but can be one of the most misused and misunderstood trade show utility. The service offerings can be confusing and complicated to some because of how a particular vendor lists their power selections. First, let's discuss Amps to Watts and Watts to Amp conversions. To make it very simple if you are converting Watts to Amps simply divide the Watts by 100. This will give [...]

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Trade Show Shipping Tips

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When exhibiting at a trade show or event it is inevitable that we will need to ship items for the show. There are three ways to accomplish this: Ship to Advance Receiving Ship Direct to Show Site Ship to Your Hotel When exhibiting at a trade show we recommend shipping to advance receiving. This will allow you to have your exhibit properties at your booth space as early as possible. Generally, the show contractor will [...]

10 Tips for Trade Show Success

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Most of our clients are new to trade shows and events. Below are 10 tips for trade show success - Go make your next trade show more efficient and cost effective! 1. Rent Carpet and Pad: This eliminates the need to purchase, store, clean, repair and transport it to a show. This way you can also change carpet colors as needed. 2. Use LED Lighting: LED Lighting is cool and is accepted in all convention [...]

The Power of Backlit Trade Show Displays

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Marketing and Trade Show managers are constantly looking for ways to stretch their budget, but also still have an impact at trade shows and events. Going "small" with your exhibit does not require your company to lose it's presence. There are many new exhibit and display products from MYDISPLAYSOURCE, that are efficient and cost effective to help you achieve your goal. Let's talk about the power of a trade show backlit trade show display! Backlit exhibits and [...]

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Better Boothmanship – 10 Tips for Trade Shows and Events

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We all wish we could be better at what we do and trade shows are no exception. The goal is to present your company in the best way possible and win business.  It sounds so simple, but the reality is that it all starts with how your buyers perceive you and your company. Below are 10 simple tips from MYDISPLAYSOURCE™ that every exhibitor can use to increase your level of professionalism and company image. 1. Plan your [...]

Drive Traffic to your Trade Show Booth

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Driving traffic to your trade show booth is one of the most daunting tasks a marketing manager encounters. Some try the "giveaway" route where you offer a grand prize of an "iPad", LED TV or some other premium type giveaway. Some of our clients even giveaway cars. Just for a moment - think about your results and ask yourself the following questions: Was the booth traffic increased as a direct result of the promotion? Was [...]

How to Solve Problems at Show

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If you manage your company's trade shows or events you are bound to eventually run into a problem at show site. This could be something very simple and easily fixed to a full blown emergency. Nobody intends to increase their workload and stress by not planning ahead, but in trade shows there are a number of variables that come into play that are often not seen or experienced until a problem arises. This blog is [...]

How to Reduce Trade Show Costs

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How to Reduce Trade Show Costs The continuing trend for almost every exhibitor is how to trim your show service budget. Depending on your exhibit size this can be easy or a very daunting task. Let’s start with Material Handling (aka Drayage). This is usually my client’s largest show service expenditure. What we have found is that most clients send way too much to their shows in the way of unnecessary exhibit components, old literature, giveaways, [...]

Trade Show and Event Trends for 2013

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Trade shows and events have been rapidly changing in the US market. The trend we see often are that companies are exhibiting in smaller spaces and using a more minimalist approach to their exhibits. The result is more detailed and larger graphics and more graphic representation of each company's product and services. With reduced marketing budgets, we have also seen smaller sales forces, but a more concentrated focus on quality leads. This strategy yields a [...]

Our Favorite Trade Show Hotels

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First, this list is by no means "official", but we here at MYDISPLAYSOURCE™ are often asked "Where do you stay when you are in a particular city for trade shows?". When we travel for business, we have to keep it economical, but at the same time convenient so we can be to the show floor quickly to service our client's at a moments notice. Below are a few of our favorites in no particular order: [...]

Benefits of Trade Shows

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At every trade show we hear a similar question from exhibitors saying "why are we here?", "how do we sell?", "the hours are so long" and our favorite "when is the trade show over - I have a plane to catch?". No matter if you are the exhibiting company or a sales representative for your company there are inherent advantages for working the trade show or event. Here are the most prominent benefits of trade [...]

Trade Show Electrical Tips

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At MYDISPLAYSOURCE™ we do a lot of electrical drawings each year for our clients. On the trade show floor you will see clients with way too much power and those with little or no power. Below are some tips that will help you avoid some of the pitfalls of dealing with trade show electrical issues. Hopefully, these tips will help save your company some money too! Submit Electrical Orders Early -  to the show contractor that way [...]

10 Trade Show Must Haves

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When we are in the middle of setup we get requests from our neighboring exhibitors to "borrow" everything from tools, cleaners, rags, tapes, etc... We usually can accomodate their requests, but good trade show planning includes being prepared. Here are 10 trade show must haves on the trade show floor: 1. Tapes - At least a single roll of duct tape, double-face tape and Clear (Packing Tape) 2. Shrink Wrap - 1 Roll - Many people [...]

Trade Show Exhibit Planning Tips

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We go to a lot of shows each year and we see many types of exhibits and displays. Some of these exhibits are well planned, staffed and professional, but most are not. Many companies abide by the "more is more" when it comes to showing their products and services. The exhibit will be packed with demos, tables, furniture, graphics and any other item they can possibly fit in the booth space. This is a direct [...]

Develop a Plan for your Next Trade Show or Event

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In the 1990’s the trend in trade show was “bigger is better”. Companies in all types of industries would spend massive amounts of money on developing custom trade show exhibits that would “one up” the competition. It was not uncommon for companies to spend a minimum of $100K on their exhibit and again that much on show services, travel and giveaways. Lavish parties with well-known bands, open bars and personal gifts were the norm. Nowadays, [...]

How to Develop a Trade Show Design Budget

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The first question that almost any exhibit company will ask before beginning a new exhibit design is "How do I develop a trade show design budget?" set by the client? Most of the time the answer from the client is "I don't know - we never really thought about it" or "we are not going to share that information with you" so that we do not feel like we are getting less for our money. [...]

Why Pay Full Price?

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Why pay exhibit house prices for the same products that you can buy right here, right now from No matter if your tradeshow, event or business is located in California to New York to Canada we can provide you an efficient and cost-effective solution. Our team is ready to provide your company the speedy service and professionalism that Mydisplaysource is known for. We do go the extra mile for our clients and we understand deadlines when [...]

Going the Extra Mile for Our Clients

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Recently, we had a client who needed a tapered circle hanging sign for an event in Utah coming this coming Monday. They searched high and low and finally stumbled upon With a little arm twisting, we were able to fulfill our client's need and meet his event deadline. It is situations like this one that make the service from stand out among the crowd. Our team attacked the problem head on finding other [...]

Most Important Time to Exhibit

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2012 was a challenging year for everyone, but a year that started to signal the comeback of the trade show. Attendance was up at most major shows, exhibitor's seemed happy and people we knew that were unemployed were working again in their chosen field. November and December were especially good months. Now to make my point - we have seen first hand companies pulling out of trade shows at an alarming rate from 2008 to [...]